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Jun 17

Commendation Letter for Sea Pioneer Shipping Corporation

The Liberian Registry has issued a Commendation Letter to Sea Pioneer Shipping Corporation’s management team and vessel’s crew, for its commitment to safety aboard its fleet and its excellent performance.

This important recognition came after the review of the company’s records showing that all its vessels under management have had zero Port State Control detentions over the past two years.

The Administration greatly appreciates the dedication of the Company to safety and environmental excellence, the commitment of the team and the seafarers towards the safe operation of the vessels. As stated by the Administration this stellar safety and performance record is in keeping with the highest of maritime traditions.

We are glad for the recognition of the company’s efforts, and its commitment to safety on board the fleet being its top priority. This is an essential part of our Company’s culture.

We’d like to thank our Masters, Officers and Crew for their efforts and commitment in achieving our Company’s goals and for maintaining the Sea Pioneer name at such a high level.